General conditions

  • The terms and conditions of the limited warranty provided by MWF Detectors to consumers and users are explained here. This warranty is provided to the user.
  • This guarantee applies to the products offered by MWF Detectors in the global economic markets, and the terms and conditions of this guarantee apply to the products that were issued from the beginning of the year 2020 to this date, but in the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of this guarantee for previous years, the terms and conditions of the warranty attached with Products sold at that time.
  • This guarantee is valid for the consumer who legally acquires ownership of the product.
  • Consumers who rent or borrow an MWF Detectors product should contact the rental company or borrower to determine the applicability of this guarantee.
  • Please note: This warranty is a voluntary warranty from the manufacturer that gives the consumer rights and provisions in addition to the statutory rights provided by law, and is not affected by the rights of consumers under the national and local laws of their countries relating to the sale of goods.

– A modification may be made in the warranty rights between the two parties (MWF Detectors and the other party) who is the final owner of the product, without prior notice, and joint customers will receive notifications via our website or e-mail with the items that have been changed, modified or replaced.

What does this guarantee cover:

  • Standard Warranty Period
  • MWF Detectors offers the standard gold warranty card for 3 years. This warranty covers the main electronic control unit and the electronic search units supplied with the products, such as the receiver-transmitter – audio receiver unit.
  • The warranty includes free maintenance for products that suddenly malfunction within the warranty period.
  • MWF Detectors guarantee the products’ batteries and electric chargers for a period of 12 months.
  • MWF Detector guarantees frequently used spare parts and accessories such as antennas, connecting wires, movable carry handles, sensors, electrical wire reels, and headphones for a period of 6 months.
  • MWF Detectors guarantees that the product is free from manufacturing defects and material defects with good workmanship, from the date of the original purchase of the product by the owner.
  • MWF Detectors guarantees that products with manufacturing defects or malfunctions will be returned or exchanged if this is proven.

– Users can ask the distributor or seller to extend the warranty period by obtaining the platinum warranty card, which gives users the right to the warranty for 5 years or the platinum warranty card can be requested upon purchase, at an additional fee.

Warranty Terms and Conditions:

  • The customer has full warranty rights in the event that he maintains the product and adheres to the methods of operation and storage, and he registers his product upon obtaining it.
  • The right to a warranty is forfeited for products that are exposed to malfunctions as a result of misuse or direct shocks, exposure to water or drowning, poor storage, repair in unapproved workshops, use of electric chargers in violation of standards, exposure of the product to high humidity and temperature as it is shown in the usage guide and specifications.
  • Refurbished or tampered products are not covered by this warranty.

– Attempting to tamper with or change the contents of the product or change its design nullifies the full warranty of the product and consumers are not entitled to claim warranty rights or free maintenance within the warranty period.

Results and efficacy:

  • All products and devices that are sold and offered by MWF Detectors are products that have been tried and tested by us and by many of our accredited experts before they are put on the market, and therefore they are tried and tested devices with actual results.
  • Misunderstanding the use or the wrong use of the device leads to negative results, and therefore these negative results are not guaranteed and belong to the user and MWF Detectors does not bear the negative results of these results.
  • We guarantee you accurate results in the event that you adhere to the methods of work and use and the means described in the user guide, and any other method of use not described in the user guide attached to the device. correct to use.
  • Wrong drilling and excavation operations: these errors are often the responsibility of the user for not being bound by the correct methods of use and his accurate identification of the target point, but if it becomes clear to the user that this error is due to the accuracy of the product, he must provide a video or document the validity of his work and that the error occurred because of the results MWF Detectors guarantees a replacement or a refund for the product.


Other information:


  • If you purchase a used MWF Detectors product from one of the owners of our products.
  • Make sure you get the warranty card and make sure that the product is registered through the warranty card number and serial number. From the following link: Check Device Warranty

And if the product is not documented in our database, make sure that this product is not original and you should refrain from buying it.

  • If you purchase any MWF Detectors product and try to register and authenticate it in your name through our website and it turns out that it is registered and registered in the name of another person, make sure that this product is used and not new, and you should check with the agent, distributor or dealer from whom you purchased the device.
  • Always make sure to get and buy MWF Detectors products through the list of distributors and agents shown on our website in the distributor lists.

We are happy to hear from you that there is a counterfeit product in the market that we are not aware of and you will be rewarded by MWF Detectors for it, or if you are exposed to your purchase of a counterfeit product contact us and we will try to help you through our legal team.

We thank you for your trust and purchase of MWF Detectors products

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