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MWF Group follow basic continuous development of all detectors types, and after a lot of operations polls with a lot of customers, so that our customers get the best results, apply these updates also on devices sold to customers.


The technology used in our detectors machines are considered unique detection technology systems of its kind, and excellence in their results and performance, our detectors supported by best advanced electronic processors and software, in addition to the speed of response and targets analysis .


Metal and groundwater detection devices on the market have multiplied in a very large, differ from each other in terms of work and brands, names and industries systems, but All that glitters is not gold , our devices maintained on creativity and fine results over 10 years all over the world ,It will also remain .


MWF has achieved many successes, to provide the best services and facilities to customers, in addition to the successes achieved by our devices in many countries, in determining many treasures locations, and to identify many ground water wells.

  • Our shipping services are available to all over the world.
  • Maintaining exact dates in delivery of packages in full speed and accuracy.
  • The responsibility of shipping the product is the responsibility of our company, and the customer does not bear anything occurs on the shipment.
  • We are dealing with the biggest international companies specialized in air cargo, and facilitator of the process of customs clearance
  • We Provide to the customer the tracking number of his shipment, to tracking the shipment by the website of the shipping company
  • The maintenance department gives you free maintenance of our equipment within the actual warranty period of 3 years, and there is a maintenance fee for devices that have exceeded the warranty period.
  • Our company offers the technical services of the maintenance for all products, in case there has been any malfunction in electronic system.
  • The Company will bear the responsibility if there has been reform of the product by any technical malfunction obtained normally, without faults that occur on the product as a result of misuse.
  • Accessories & Parts of the products are always available.
  • Repair products that are damaged as a result of use and change damaged pieces with nominal fees.
  • Manufacturing all types of detectors with special specifications and special brands. Offers for companies and individuals as well.
  • Our engineering team provides development services of all detection and search systems which work by long-range locator systems, Geophysical Survey System, Pulse induction systems, and imaging Scanning systems as well, to get best results.
  • The development of all the pieces and external parts of your devices in terms of transmitting and receiving antennas and components, transmitter, receiver, sensors, and device case.
  • Suffering a many user of detectors from the charging system and battery, our engineering team developing the power system in terms of the batteries type and charger type, and development the automatic charging system.
  • Acoustic tracking system is a new device developed by MWF, which specializes in the tracking the waveform line frequency of the Long-Range Targets Locator Devices, this module helps and sings the users which are used the receiving antennas (Antenna Rods) to track the target, which many suffer.

Purchase And Payment Services & Sales Department

Support & Sales Department Services:

  • Facilitate the sales Department to purchase the product on the Customer, as well as training on the product and the exact method used in cases where the client we have in the headquarters of the Company.
  • Helping the customer accurately to choose the right product that suits with his research.
  • We offer a warranty on all products for a period of 3 years.
  • Provide the customer with user manuals and educational disks.
  • We provide our clients from abroad with a quick and easy purchase process with strict purchase guarantee and purchase contracts guaranteeing the customer the right before and after purchasing the product.
  • Facilitate the product price transfer of either by transferring to our bank account or through international money transfer companies or by paying online through our website.
  • Continuous communication with the customer after the sale and confirmation of ensuring the work of the product and help him with any query, in addition to continuous communication with customers and inform them about any new, or any updates of the products.

Payment Services and E-shopping:

  • E-Payment services by credit card, through the (Checkout) service:
  1. Master Card 
  2. Visa Card
  3. Discover
  4. American Express
  5. Debit Card
  6. Credit Card
  • Now you can through our certified website which was supplied with the strongest protection systems (mwf-metaldetectors.com) You can purchase any product wish you want to buy,
  • Just sign up and add the product you want to buy to cart, and then complete the payment process, fill in the shipping address and confirm your order,
  • The follow-up team will be check and confirm your order, and send to you the electronic invoice,
  • The shipping team will be send the device to your address directly in a period not exceeding a week from the payment date.

Our Company Bank Accounts Information's:

Company Name / Beneficiary :


Beneficiary Address :

Gürsel Mah.Nemzet Sok (Fulya Sokak) No.15/03 Ekşioğlu Plaza – Kağıthane / Istanbul –Turkey

Bank`s Name / No / Branch Name:

TÜRKİYE İŞ BANKASI / Branch No. 1240 / CEVAHİR ALIŞVERİŞ MERKEZİ Bank`s Name / No / Branch Name:

Bank address :

19 Mayıs Mah, Büyükdere Cad, Cevahir Avm No:22/23 Şişli – Istanbul / Turkey

Swift Code :


Dollar Account No. IBAN:

TR46 0006 4000 0021 2400 0404 94 ( To Transfer in Dollar )

Euro Account No. IBAN:

TR13 0006 4000 0021 2400 0405 06 ( To Transfer in Euro )

Turkish Lira Account No. IBAN:

TR30 0006 4000 0011 2400 1203 27 ( To Transfer in Turkish Lira )



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