MWF Group Of Factories and Companies, specialized in the Manufacturing and Trading of Metal detectors, Treasures, Gold and groundwater, MWF is an American and Turkish company, headquartered in the United States in Illinois, and in Turkey in Istanbul, Founded in 2008. MWF Group works on the improvement and continuous development of Detectors equipment’s, Since years ago we manufacture these detectors on scientific grounds is true and accurate and we are keen to offer our products with very carefully. MWF Group always strives to provide the best level of technology of underground Metal, Gold detectors, whatever their depths and sizes, Through our knowledge of all types of exploration science and geology, and through our overall knowledge, research and experience over many years that were covered by the confidence of our customers, And the vast experience gained through our experiences.

Our story

in 2019

MWF Group has opened its new production and development branch in the European continent in Germany to produce new and advanced sets of systems and detectors, through German engineers responsible for this production line and development.

in 2018

Our modern equipment’s Has achieved a wide spread an all over the world and has made great achievements in most of our exploration operations conducted by our customers around the world,

– Spark, has achieved great success with our customers in locating gold treasure and has been widely recognized for its impressive results in locating gold nuggets in Africa, South Africa and Saudi Arabia,

– Aqua, the world’s No. 1 device, has been named the preferred device of many farmers and prospectors for groundwater, with great success in many countries.

– Gold Radar is one of our most popular devices, which has achieved tangible results in finding many treasures hidden in the Arab countries and Western & Eastern of Europe.

in 2016

After four years of research, from 2012 to 2016, the company produced new and advanced sets of metal and groundwater detectors, which operate on intelligent detection systems to locate targets in the ground. This was a remarkable success for us,

These devices have been the result of extensive research and development that has been introduced and conducted for many previous devices as well as new technologies that have never been before.

This production and development included several devices:

Spark – Aqua – Gold Line – Gold Radar – MF-1200 Active – MF-1500 SMART – MF-9700 QUINRAY – WF-202 PRO+ .

in 2014

This year 2014 the company celebrated to their access to first place in the best and most accurate determinants of places for gold and treasures and burials, which works on the principle of Long Range Locators Systems and geophysical survey systems.

  • Where the latest device MF-1100 A global revolution in obtaining No. 1 Long Range Treasures Locator Through More than 1350 client certificate user of this detector around the world , and has achieved great achievements and discoveries impressive.


  • MF-8000 PRO device also occupied the rank of the best automatic geophysical survey device to locate burials blanks, available to its great features and functions and accurate in identifying places of targets, depths and the presence of the target point.


  • Also, as we have achieved through our groundwater detectors since 2011 until 2014 has achieved the following devices:
  • WF-101 B
  • WF-202 PRO
  • WF-303 PLUS
  • Were drilled more than approximately 1000 water wells in different countries over 3 years:
  • Pakistan: 103 wells
  • Saudi Arabia: 97 wells
  • Algeria: 102 wells
  • China: 87 wells
  • India: 68 wells
  • Turkey: 88 wells
  • United Arab Emirates: 49 wells
  • Yemen: 46 wells
  • USA: 23 wells
  • Australia: 14 wells
  • Mexico: 39 wells
  • Sudan: 71 wells
  • Zimbabwe: 82 wells
  • South Africa: 54 wells
  • Afghanistan: 20 wells
  • Syria: 46 wells
  • Jordan: 11 wells
  • Oman Authority: 19 wells
  • And our achievements are still seen around the world, thanks to the continuous development and intensive research to reach the best and the newest, and we promise to each new and evolving.
  • And with you for the better.

in 2013

Polls by customers buyers for our devices, where we have to take the opinions of more than 1,600 user devices so as to know the results of our devices and its accuracy and effectiveness, where the ratio was 87% of the customers fully satisfied with the work of the devices and their effectiveness and accuracy in determining the goals and points and depths , And a percentage of the remaining 13% had some suggestions and modifications to the devices to maximize the accuracy of the results and the ease of use and work for hours more work.

Where he was in this year 2013 also witnessed significant developments of our products in terms of accessories, software, and greater quality and performance and high efficiency, the development has been on most devices.

in 2011

The company has produced a new set of determinants and detection devices to search for metal, water and caves , and specialized equipment detects gold and treasures.

Three sets of advanced electronic devices.

1- METAL FINDER: Equipment and detectors specializes in the research and exploration for gold and minerals and troves, these devices operate within international norms and standards and specifications of the results amazing.

2- WATER FINDER: equipment and detectors specializes in the research, detection and exploration of groundwater and know the types of water and determine the salinity of the water and the depths and intensity

3- CAVE FINDER: Equipment specializing to research and detection of voids and tunnels, caves and hollows in the ground and determine the levels, area and depths.

in 2009

Our engineering team began work in rigorous studies and extensive land and geology, and these studies were divided into several sections.

  1. Mineralogy: who studies natural minerals and chemical properties, and that because of its significant impact on the work of the organs and systems of the tracer materials underground.
  2. Petrology: who studies the types of rock and mineral and chemical composition, as it contains rocks on a variety of different combinations, as they also have a negative impact on the work of some types of metal detectors.

Mineral composition: Each rock special metal installation. If possible, we distinguish determine the proportion of each metal in the rock. Fabric: a description of the rock granules and size. And the rock fabric large-grained crystalline, or delicate crystalline granules. Rarely have a glass fabric amorphous. Infrastructure: Infrastructure reflect on the appearance of a whole piece of the rock, and identify parts of a relationship together. In the dense structure of the rock granules be contiguous and so congenial to any particular direction does not appear to agglutination granules. The class structure indicate the presence of certain trends for agglutination metals. If the rock is rich Palmsamat structure window. Dominant color: It means the color mostly on the rock until the color if you found some other colors.

  1. Geophysics : is the science that studies the underground layers of different structures and geology.
  2. Geology: is the science that studies various laws and conditions that govern the formation of classes.
  3. Palaeontology: specialist studying the remnants of the old neighbourhoods or excavations.
  4. Historical Geology: competent study classes and arranging types since ancient times to the present day.
  5. Geochemistry: specialist study minerals and rocks chemically and distribution of elements in the earth’s crust, and the types of iron and the proportion of mineral ores in various areas of the cortex ground.

in 2008

MWF Group Of Factories and companies, specialized in the Manufacturing and Trading of Metal detectors, Treasures, Gold and groundwater, MWF is an American and Turkish company, headquartered in the United States in Illinois, and in Turkey in Istanbul, Founded in 2008.

MWF Group works on the improvement and continuous development of Detectors equipment’s, Since Years ago we manufacture these detectors on scientific grounds is true and accurate and we are keen to offer our products with very carefully.

in 2006

We started as experts and professionals in the treasures metal detectors and locators , since 2006, where we had full knowledge in this area and experience expert to work on all metal detectors for the amateur as well the professional detection devices, and we had many expeditions all over the world and we fought many experiments practical exploration for archaeological locations , and also work on the geological and geographical scanning devices as well , except for geological surveys for research and exploration of groundwater

The experience in this field is very great experience where already we have a large knowledge in the detection systems, in terms of scientific and electronic principle for each device, and we treat the former as experts and professionals, with a lot of global companies for specialized industry detectors , And we bought many of these equipment and devices, and we end up also to develop on the same devices to get the best results 

At the end of 2007, our group and experts decided to open MWF companies in the United States of America and in Turkey as legally licensed trading companies, as well as a laboratory and a scientific centre for the development and manufacture of metal and groundwater detectors and research equipment for gold and treasures.



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