Works this type of detection devices to scanning and measuring the intensity the magnetic fields of earth, analyzed to detection on metal and burials underground, and for the purposes of mining as well, and this scanning be through different techniques, Some of it is known GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), or the Radiation Survey, and this measurement using diverse radar sensors antenna or electromagnetic search coils, Using different frequencies also either very high frequency( VHF ) OR by Ultra high frequency ( UHF ).
The imager device measuring and recording the variations in the return signal of the reflected signals and waveforms, to detect objects, metal, burials, voids and cracks, through various programs and data either this be by provide images of triple and two-dimensional, or graphed about the target like size, depth and form, Usually it prospectors used this system to detect and survey archaeological targets known monuments and areas.
What distinguishes our Ground Imaging Systems, of other devices that operate in the same system:
No need to use the complicated analysis software and computer or other tablets, our devices gives you immediate results on the device colorful HD screen, and at Real-time.
Scanner Sensor & Antennas, with modern and advanced scientific techniques, specialized competence in the identification and detection of artifacts and buried objectives and caves and discrimination between it.
Clarify the target size and shape, with full graphical about the target and type.
Internal signal filtering systems, to avoid any confusion resulting from any high ranges frequency of radio waves are present in the air, which affect at many other devices.
Automatic Tuning System (ATS) Special invention and new registered in favor of MWF GROUP, this system provides accurate results and certain in all types of soils and terrain, because the system recognizes the soil automatically, grants the search process automatic tuning commensurate with the type of soil and properties of soil , With the abolition of any overlaps radiation resulting by the rocky and mountainous territory effect , which may affect a lot of detectors, but the this smart system, can sorting and analysis and provide the necessary levels Which relates of frequency signal, voltage and wavelength of the signal which gives results free of any errors.
Our detectors works in all types of soils and terrain, rocky, mountainous, sandy and clayey, it also works well with varying temperatures and high humidity, and in different climates.
Our products are made of the finest types of elastomers and the best kinds of electronic and mechanical parts.
Our modern products works on the smart operating and detection systems, with smart interfaces and multi-language.
Work for long hours and with smart interface charging, which gives the user a precise tracking of the energy level, and accurate notifications for battery level and alarms before battery runs out, with smart charging systems, which also gives the user can continue charging the battery in the case of if the device run ON or OFF, with the knowledge of the level of added charging all that’s in real time.
Actual and real guarantee offering you by MWF Group, for a period of three years includes the results warranty.


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